Is Your Resume Winning You Any Gold Medals?

I love watching The Winter Olympic Games. medal-2163345_1920From the opening ceremonies, through all the ski jumps and triple axels, to the hopeful anticipation and fulfillment of snowy dreams…I find it a bit magical.

I also find that what comes with it is a great sense of teamwork and competition, and a clear common goal in mind: to win the coveted gold medal. But you just don’t wake up one day and enter a race expecting to come out victorious – there must be preparation and planning!

Just how Olympians train to reach a certain objective, the same could be said for your job search. You practice and perform specific actions to show how you’re a clear-cut winner, so you can reach the desired goal: an offer.

And part of your job hunt routine is going through the exercises to develop an effective resume. You need a customized one that is targeted to your search and demonstrates how you’re the best candidate given your skills, experiences and achievements. It needs to score 100%!

Look at your current resume…is it award-worthy?

If you’re reading this, then probably not. So, what’s keeping yours from getting ahead of the pack? I suggest you begin at the start line, think about the following, and evaluate your current resume training!

  • Consider the competition
    Who are you up against? Your resume MUST make you stand out as the best applicant for the job. It should clearly target the roles you’re applying for, and demonstrate your qualifications and capabilities. Level it up and do all you can to make yourself a leading candidate!
  • Is it lining up correctly
    Does it align with the precise role? Be sure to include actual keywords from the application and show how your expertise and experiences match the specific requirements. Quantify your details and show how well you measure up against your competitors. Tailor it each time you send it out!
  • Are you using the right equipment
    Is your resume easy to read? Utilize bullet points to highlight achievements and to break up large blocks of text. Keep paragraphs no longer than 4-5 lines. Use a font no smaller than 10pt and leave enough white space such as 1” margins. Be sure it’s not too long – keep it concise and to the point.
  • Do you repeat the same old routine
    Still writing an objective statement? Get rid of it. Include a professional summary instead, making sure to list your top qualifications upfront. Do the words ‘references furnished upon request’ appear? Ditch them. Keeping your resume focused and up to current industry standards is important to helping you succeed.
  • Are you practicing
    Can you successfully speak about what’s listed on (or missing from) your resume? Before an interview prepare questions you think may be asked about it – like expanding on that time you led the team in reaching quarterly goals…or the significant gaps in your timeline. The more you practice and prep your answers (saying them out loud is a big help!) the more comfortable and less anxious you will be.
  • Consult with your team
    Did you know your network are your teammates – and vice versa? Ask them to look over your resume! A second opinion and another set of eyes to catch spelling and grammar mistakes is always recommended. Pass your resume along and communicate with them about your current situation. You never know when an opportunity will present itself through networking!
  • Hire a professional
    Have you thought about collaborating with an expert? It helps bring your resume to another level! Hiring a Certified Professional Resume Writer (such as one from Inspired Resumes) to work with you and personally customize a targeted one that is specific to your job search is a great idea. We’re all on the same team!

Go for the gold!

As Kristi Yamaguchi, Olympic gold-medalist in skating said: “Every day, someone realizes a dream. I believe dreams help light our darkness and give us the push we need to move across the rink of life.”

And while going after your dreams you must do some planning and preparation to help you along. This is true in your job search. You need to do all you can to get ahead of the competition. And developing a resume that is effectively-written and successfully tells your career story puts you forth as the top applicant…and brings you closer to achieving rewards.

Make yourself a winning candidate – and aim for resume gold!


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