If you’re currently employed and don’t want your supervisor to know you’re searching, or you just need to keep your job hunt under wraps, it’s a challenge to put yourself out there while keeping it confidential. It isn’t easy to make it known you’re interested in new opportunities, or checking out possibilities, without it getting back

Name? Check. Contact info listed? Check. Your LinkedIn photo? It sounds like a good idea, but you should not include ANY photographs on your resume – unless, of course, you’re a model or actor. By including details that don’t belong, your resume is saying “Hey, I’m unprofessional over here!”. Your resume must be professional-sounding and aligned

  Your resume should convey your career story. It needs to demonstrate the path of your experience and career goals. Not only should it detail your value to a potential employer, but also what you’ve done, who you did it for, and how you accomplished it – keeping in mind your job objectives and how