It may be the occasion for celebrations, but your job search should not take a holiday this time of year. Many job seekers think companies aren’t hiring, and that it’s a good idea to put your search on hold until next year. But this is the time you should keep your job hunt going – and continue

  Your resume should convey your career story. It needs to demonstrate the path of your experience and career goals. Not only should it detail your value to a potential employer, but also what you’ve done, who you did it for, and how you accomplished it – keeping in mind your job objectives and how

You landed the interview! Now what? It’s time to land the job! Think you’ll go into the meeting with the hiring manager and just “wing it”? It may sound like a good idea. But you shouldn’t do this if you’re really serious about getting an offer. So, what should you do? As stated by Alexandar

Take a look at your resume – does it include your contact information? And is it current? Believe it or not, this detail often gets overlooked. And something so simple can cost you a job offer. How can a hiring manager set up an interview if they don’t know how to reach you? During your