It may be the occasion for celebrations, but your job search should not take a holiday this time of year.Many job seekers think companies aren’t hiring, and that it’s a good idea to put your search on hold until next year. But this is the time you should keep your job hunt going – and continue to

Welcome to Job Q&A From the Trenches! We answer your questions on building a resume, interviewing, searching for jobs and more – just ask! Q: I can’t fit my resume onto one page. Is a two page resume too long? A: Getting all your details into an effective, concise document is a challenge. Using a

You may be thinking, “well, DUH” right now, but you’d be shocked at how often this small detail goes overlooked – and how often a hiring manager kicks a resume into the circular file because of it. During your job search, it’s important to clearly display ways for potential employers to contact you – it’s