About Deidre Pannazzo

Deidre Pannazzo is a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) and Executive Director at Inspired Resumes. She leverages strong writing and communication skills along with her experience of working within the executive search industry to collaborate on developing resumes for active job seekers. Deidre's professional advice has been featured in leading publications including TheLadders, Business 2 Community, Nexxt, and CareerFuel, and also in the books "You're Better Than Your Job Search" and "Communication in Organizations".

You landed the interview! Now what? It’s time to land the job! Think you’ll go into the meeting with the hiring manager and just “wing it”? It may sound like a good idea. But you shouldn’t do this if you’re really serious about getting an offer. So, what should you do? As stated by Alexandar

I love watching The Winter Olympic Games. From the opening ceremonies, through all the ski jumps and triple axels, to the hopeful anticipation and fulfillment of snowy dreams…I find it a bit magical. I also find that what comes with it is a great sense of teamwork and competition, and a clear common goal in mind: to win the

 Writing a thank you note after your job interview is important. Doing so could increase your chances of being considered for the position! Not only does it reiterate your interest in the available role, it also shows your desire to put yourself forward as the best candidate. A thank you note offers a chance to

Welcome to Job Q&A From the Trenches! We answer your questions on building a resume, interviewing, searching for jobs and more – just ask! Q: I can’t fit my resume onto one page. Is a two page resume too long? A: Getting all your details into an effective, concise document is a challenge. Using a

Has it been a couple of years since you’ve updated your resume? Has it been that long since you’ve even looked at it? It’s time to level up your game, and give your resume a refresher. Maybe you’re now on the job hunt. Or perhaps you’re satisfied in your present position and not actively searching