Expecting a refund on your taxes this year? When deciding how to spend it, consider that it’s time you make an investment in YOU –and your career – hire a professional resume writer. An expertly-written resume gives you that edge needed to get the interview. Professional resume writing services work with you to assess your strengths and align

Has it been a couple of years since you’ve updated your resume? Has it been that long since you’ve even looked at it? It’s time to level up your game, and give your resume a refresher. Maybe you’re now on the job hunt. Or perhaps you’re satisfied in your present position and not actively searching

A study* suggests recruiters spend merely 6 seconds on a resume before deciding if a candidate fits a position. So yours has to be lean, smart, and impactful – the most attractive one in the pile. Every character counts; filling up precious space with minute details is a good way to make a bad impression…like monopolizing the

Welcome to Job Q&A From The Trenches! We answer your questions on building your resume, interviewing, searching for jobs and more – just ask! Q: My friend recently hired a resume writer to do her resume. I’ve been out of a job, and don’t really have the money to spend on professional resume services. Is

Closed-door meetings. Whispering by the water cooler. Industry rumors. Sweaty palms, and that cold feeling in the pit of your stomach … layoffs may be coming. Don’t be surprised when layoffs happen – be prepared! Constant Maintenance Don’t wait until you’ve been let go to update your resume and LinkedIn profile; this should be something you

Welcome to Job Q&A From the Trenches! We answer your questions on building a resume, interviewing, searching for jobs and more – just ask! Q: In your blog “Take it Off! (But Don’t Take It ALL Off–A Guide to a Slimmer Resume)” I saw that I should take jobs over 15 years old off my resume. Should I do