Job Interview? Say Thank You!

Thank You KeysWriting a thank you note after your job interview is important. Doing so could increase your chances of being considered for the position! Not only does it reiterate your interest in the available role, it also shows your desire to put yourself forward as the best candidate.

A thank you note offers a chance to reinforce how well your qualifications match what the company seeks. Here are a few thoughts to keep in mind during the interview process in order to develop an effective one!

Get Prepared

Collect a business card from everyone you interview with to ensure you have their contact details. Customize a message for each person you meet! It doesn’t look good if everyone receives an obvious boilerplate.

Coffee Shop Notes

Immediately following your interview, organize your thoughts about what was discussed…before you get distracted. Find a place right after, such as a coffee shop, where you can establish your notes and jot everything down to shape and prepare your letter.


Don’t Keep It TOO Simple

There are times when the “KISS Principle” applies; this isn’t one of them. You need to stand out! Sure, it’s nice to say “thank you for your time” – however, this doesn’t necessarily strengthen your candidacy. Bridge the connection between YOUR value and experience with the requirements of the available job.

Be specific. Refer to topics brought up during the interview. Keep it concise and to the point. Apply your skills directly to that exact job, and reinforce where you clicked with your interviewer. For example:

  • Talk about how your leadership skills are a great match to direct the sales team in reaching the quarterly goals set by the firm
  • Demonstrate how your marketing experience will enhance social media and public relations like the company is aiming for
  • Show your potential impact on the business and how your capabilities add value

Don’t use broad statements such as “I know my qualifications are great for this role.” What qualifications? Emphasize your strong points. Talk about how your skills raised client profits and enhanced customer relationships. Showcase your potential with demonstrated quantifiable results and what it means for a possible employer.

Thank You Note

Do say you’re available for further discussion and include references or follow up details, if you were requested to provide them. Keep it professional, and be sure to double check for errors – especially around the spelling of your interviewer’s name!

Send It Right Away

The timing of your thank you note is key; it displays good follow up skills. Send it within a day or two. Do wait at least a few hours after the interview – if you send it too soon it may give the impression you didn’t really give it full consideration. But don’t wait too long! You can’t afford to miss an opportunity. Email is the quickest and most recommended method to use.

Some hiring managers just don’t consider thank you notes as important, and in fact it may not be read; but err on the side of caution, and send yours! If you’re not the best candidate, it may not sway a decision – but a well-written one could open the door for other opportunities. Who knows…you may not be a perfect fit now, but keeping top of mind as a favorable candidate could lead to something else down your career path!

Sending a thank you note after your interview is advantageous for your job search. Good luck – and THANK YOU for reading!

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