See what clients are saying after working with the Inspired Resumes team

“I needed a resume built from scratch and Deidre worked with me to develop one that was effective. I had been out of work for a while, but after using my new resume, I secured a job within a few weeks! I did enjoy working with Deidre and would definitely recommend her professional resume writing services.”
–Bookkeeping & Administrative Professional

“I had decided to get professional help for my resume as I felt I was not able to present my skills and accomplishments in the best light. After spending time on the phone and a handful of e-mails later, Inspired Resumes delivered the final version. My resume is now not only well-written, but more importantly it represents me — I am totally satisfied! And they did a great job with my LinkedIn profile too! I enjoyed working with Kimberly, and I would most certainly recommend Inspired Resumes to anyone.”
–Market Data Manager

“If you want a resume that stands out and gets you noticed, use Inspired Resumes to create the attention you will need in a successful job search.”

–Private Banking Executive

“When the time came recently to update my resume, I went right back to my friends at Inspired Resumes. They helped me construct my original resume, and were a pleasure to work with on the most recent re-write. Janelle was able to coach me during our first thirty minute conversation which led to the first draft. After that we communicated via email and proceeded to a finished product within nine days. We all have the ability to create our own ‘average’ resume. If you want a resume that stands out and gets you noticed, use Inspired Resumes to create the attention you will need in a successful job search.”
–Private Banking Executive

“I had to revise my resume so I could move into another field. Deidre helped me put together a well-written one that demonstrated my skills, and I was able to get a new job that I really enjoy! I would recommend Deidre and her resume writing services to anyone.” –Social Services Professional

“…the final product was just what was needed in the market place. I owe a million thanks!!”

–Senior Audit Professional, Financial Services

“Inspired Resumes enlivened and animated my resume to tell my professional story, to bring it to life. My ‘inspired resume’ has garnered positive feedback from everyone who has received it!”
–Executive Program Director

“When an executive search professional advised me to get some professional help with my resume, I hesitated because I thought I could do it myself. However, I decided to see what Inspired Resumes could do for me after I heard from other professionals that my resume did not present as well as it could have. The final product looked and read considerably better than my version. Several executive search professionals commented positively on the new resume, and so did several potential employers!”
–Senior Sales & Marketing Professional, Hedge Fund Industry

“I wouldn’t even attempt another resume without Inspired Resumes and am happy to recommend to my friends.”

–Hedge Fund and Venture Capital Investment Professional

“Thank you for pairing me with Francis. He did an exceptional job understanding my story/work experience, then using that to craft my resume and make it pop. He asked great questions throughout the process to help lead me through the introspection required, and he used my answers to eloquently and efficiently describe my experiences. He was very responsive via phone and email. I would recommend him to anyone.” –Client Relationship Manager

“I wanted to transition to a different side of the finance industry and needed a way to demonstrate how my skills were translatable and desirable for a new role. My resume is now significantly better!”
Strategic Business Development Analyst

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