5 Reasons To Not Give Your Job Search A Holiday

8214124711_a9f6738627 It may be the occasion for celebrations, but your job search should not take a holiday this time of year. Many job seekers think companies aren’t hiring, and that it’s a good idea to put your search on hold until next year. But this is the time you should keep your job hunt going – and continue to network and send your resume out.

Here are five good reasons to not give your job search a vacation, and use the holiday season in your favor!

It’s Party Time

Your future boss could be at your client, vendor, or company holiday event; keep your eyes open for opportunities to network for a new job. But don’t be too obvious! And be careful with whom you tell that you’re on the job market…you may jeopardize the position you currently have. And while the company party you’re attending may be informal, you should still keep it professional. Don’t overindulge at the bar; you could put yourself in an awkward situation after a ‘few too many.’ But do use the event to approach a prospective employer that you may not have an opportunity to speak with on other occasions.

It’s Year-End

Many companies have goals of filling open roles before the following year. They’re not necessarily only hiring for seasonal jobs, but for permanent ones too. They want a full staff for the New Year and need to get people in the positions. Now is the time that they’re interviewing for those roles, so send in your resume. It’s also quieter this time of year for some companies, and they can use this to concentrate on hiring and onboarding new employees.

It’s Time To Reconnect

The holidays are a great time and excuse for getting back in touch with former colleagues, old friends, and family. Reach out for a lunch date or give them a call to catch up. Let them know you’re looking for a new job! Perhaps they know of an opportunity that matches your skill set, or know someone they can put you in touch with. You never know unless you put yourself out there!

It’s Less Competition

Many job seekers sit back this time of year under the assumption many are not hiring. Use this to your advantage – continue your own search to get ahead of those who put their job hunt on hold. Those New Year’s resolutions kick in come January, and the competition grows as job seekers want to begin the year looking for a new role.

It’s Time To Refocus

Use this time to review how your job search has been evolving. Make needed adjustments to your resume to customize it for a better fit for the roles you seek. Review and update your LinkedIn profile to align and target it more efficiently with your job hunt. A few changes make a difference.

Of course, you don’t want all of your holiday gatherings and celebrations to only focus on your job search. But it’s a good idea to seek opportunities that could be beneficial for you. Use this holiday season to your advantage as best you can for your job hunt!


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