Expecting a Tax Refund? Here’s an Idea…

Expecting a refund on your taxes this year?

When deciding how to spend it, consider that it’s time you make an investment in YOU –and your career – hire a professional resume writer.


An expertly-written resume gives you that edge needed to get the interview. Professional resume writing services work with you to assess your strengths and align your details with your career goals to create a customized solution for your job hunt – providing you with a critical advantage over other average resumes.

Crafting a resume can be a grueling task, leading to frustration. You may end up not expressing yourself the way you intended. Or, you honestly just don’t know where to begin – how far back do you go in your employment history? What about your experience is best to highlight, based on your job goals? What facts are best left omitted?

Of course, there are many tools online that offer help – but they won’t provide the personal attention you need for your resume that a professional writer can. Consider this: all the free websites that offer resume writing tips and advice? Everyone else has those, too. An expert works with you to create a personally tailored, powerful and impactful resume.

(Is paying a professional resume writer worth it? Find out more: Job Q&A From The Trenches: Should I Hire a Resume Writer?)

Maybe you’ve switched careers or worked across a few different industries, and have experience in more than one field. A resume writer effectively develops your resume and aligns it with your desired jobs … for a non-expert, a challenging and time-consuming task.

Think about it – if you need legal or medical assistance, don’t you (well … usually) look for trained advice? Your resume shouldn’t be treated any differently! A professional resume writer – especially one who specializes in your industry – uses proficient skills to help cater your resume to you: your experience, your strengths, and your goals. And keep in mind, many job searching and resume writing fees can be tax deductible!

It’s about what makes your resume stand out from the others that will get you the interview – where you can truly show the hiring manager why you are the best candidate for the job. Spend a moment and think about your job search, and determine what your career deserves. Working with a professional resume writer is a beneficial investment for you!

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